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Honest, candid, emotive wedding photography brings your story to life.

Let’s tell it together.

Images that come ALIVE 

Your grandpa beaming with pride when he sees you in your wedding dress. Your mom giggling at your dad’s jokes during his toast. Your flower girl taking over the dance floor. 

These candid photos are so much more powerful than the perfectly-posed portraits because they capture the raw emotions of your wedding day. They’ll bring memories rushing back, no matter how many decades have passed.

And that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? 

For wedding day images that feel real and remind you, even on your hardest days, that you are truly, deeply loved.

There’s no doubt that your wedding gallery will be filled with gorgeous photos. But the most special ones are always the hidden gems — the unsuspecting in-betweens. 

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"Brittany was a DREAM! I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed working with her. As someone who is a little shy in front of the camera, it was very important to me to be photographed on my big day by someone who was mindful of that. Not only did Brittany cater to my insecurities, but she also made them disappear

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Kelli + John

For couples who want their wedding day captured in a playful, honest, nostalgic way.

our clients on average spend $7500-$9500 on wedding day coverage

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Let’s get to know each other! It all starts with an email, and later a video or phone call with you and your partner (feel free to invite your parents, too). Have questions? I’ll answer ‘em. Have worries? I want to hear them. When you’re ready to reserve your date, you’ll sign a contract and pay an initial retainer.  



Whether we meet at your favorite SoCo date night spot, explore a park you’ve never been to, or travel to your hometown for a weekend of fun, I’m ready to capture this special season of your life in an unforgettable engagement session. Think of this as a trial run, to make you and your partner even more comfortable in front of the camera come wedding day. 



Part of hiring a pro is leaning on their expertise. And I have tons, especially because I started my career as a wedding planner. Let me help you design a wedding day photography timeline that capitalizes on the sunset, create a list for family portraits so all of the important people in your life are captured, and share all of my wedding day wisdom with you. 



Wedding day is here! I’ll be your shadow, chiming in with a silly joke or fading into the background — whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. Don’t worry, though; your guests will get the same VIP treatment. Your final gallery will capture the joy from everyone in attendance. 



While you jetset to a romantic honeymoon, I’ll get to work developing your film photos, combing through the digital shots, and editing all of your images into one cohesive gallery. You’ll receive a preview gallery highlighting your biggest moments within two weeks, and the final gallery within eight weeks.



The only experience more enchanting than your wedding day is reliving it when you see your images. They deserve to be art on your walls, the centerpiece on your coffee table, and gifts for your loved ones. I have such fond memories of looking through my parents’ wedding album when I was a kid, and by offering archival-quality heirloom albums, your children and grandchildren will have that same opportunity.



the process


My Approach

Ever look at a photo of a couple and realize that there’s three people in it — the two lovebirds, and their photographer posing them or pushing them outside of their comfort zone?

That has always felt wrong to me.

As a photographer, I want my work to feel natural, as if I stumbled upon a private moment. I hold myself to that standard each time I click the shutter.

Joyful, genuine images and an experience that makes you feel cared for

And the end result?

Joyful, genuine images and an experience that makes you feel cared for

And the end result?

Catch a glimpse into these fun celebrations filled with raw emotions, vibrant colors, and killer dance moves.

prepare to be stunned

Breton + Ty's Spring Inspired Fall Wedding at Addison Grove

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Meghan & James's Romantic Summer Wedding at Mattie's 

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Catch a glimpse into these fun celebrations filled with raw emotions, vibrant colors, and killer dance moves.

prepare to be stunned

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My partner and I feel awkward in front of the camera. Can you help us?

Of course! I hear this all too frequently, so I know exactly how you feel. That’s why I focus so intently on building a relationship with my clients. When I feel like a friend, it makes the fact that I’m holding a camera much less scary. Trust is truly the secret to natural-looking wedding images. And I promise I’ll work hard to earn yours as we get to know each other. 

I heard you use film in your work. What does that mean?

I'm a hybrid photographer, which means I use both film and digital cameras. Yes, that means I shoot on old school rolls of film! (Though this isn’t the film photography of your parents’ era. I can edit each film image just like I can edit a digital image, so there’s no need to worry about blemishes or stray hairs.) Each medium has its strength. Film photography is vibrant, nostalgic, and forces me to slow down and focus on the moments unfolding in front of me. It’s ideal for portraits, detail shots, wedding ceremonies, and other well-lit scenarios. Digital is ideal for dimly lit and fast-moving scenarios, like your wedding reception. Carrying both gives me the flexibility I need to create a gorgeous, cohesive final gallery for you.

I’m not getting married in Austin. Do you travel?

Absolutely, I love traveling for weddings and portrait sessions! I’ve captured weddings and engagements in Hawaii, Virginia, Key West, Maryland, New Orleans, North Carolina, and all over Texas. Please reach out soon, though — I only do a limited number of destination weddings and shoots each year. 

Can you photograph my rehearsal dinner?

Yes! Rehearsal dinners are actually one of my favorite wedding weekend events because everyone is typically more relaxed, which makes for wonderful candid photos filled with laughter and love. Please mention rehearsal dinner coverage when you inquire and we can easily add this to your proposal.

Does it matter if you haven’t worked at my venue before?

Not at all! If I haven’t been to your venue before, I’ll take time in advance to familiarize myself. That might mean researching your venue, completing a site visit beforehand, or arriving early on wedding day to scout locations for portraits. A true professional will know what to look for at any location, whether they’ve been there before or not. The most important detail is that you feel a connection to your photographer and their work; the rest is easily remedied. 

Can you photograph in a dark venue?

Light is a key element in photography, and it’s my job to harness it when capturing your day. That might mean choosing locations with natural light when possible, and creating my own light in a dim church or on a starlit dance floor.

Can I hire you for less than 8 hours on my wedding day?

I’ve captured hundreds of celebrations since starting my business in 2016, and I can confidently say that you absolutely need at least 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day. There are too many special moments you’ll miss if you have a photographer there for less time. This is why I require a minimum of 8 hours of coverage. If you’re hosting a micro-wedding, please reach out to create a custom package with less coverage.

What is your photography style?

There’s no one specific style of photography that’s appropriate for an entire wedding day. Some moments require a documentary approach, while others will be editorial or fine art. I love candid photos and modern portraits the most, but you’ll see a wide variety of images in your final gallery.

How long have you been a photographer?

I purchased my first camera in 2014, when I was working as a wedding planner, and the rest is history (cheesy, but true!). I took freelance gigs in 2015, and officially incorporated my business in 2016. 




Eventually, you’ll forget how tiny your niece’s flower girl dress was, how your friends cheered when the band played their favorite song, and how your dad smelled when he hugged you goodnight.

Your images will bring you back to these moments time and time again.

Because, the truth is, your wedding day will go by in a flash.

let's bring your memories to life

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