I had just graduated from college and started my career as a wedding planner. On our daily phone calls, I’d tell him about work — in particular, the wedding photographers whose job I admired.

One day, he said, "Brit, I'm buying you a camera and you're going to figure this out."

My dad was my biggest supporter, and even though he didn’t know anything about photography, he always pushed me to get better. So I did — I read books and watched YouTube videos. I took classes. I started photographing weddings on the side.

“Brit, I’m buying you a camera and you’re going to figure this out.” 

What kind of legacy do you want to build with your love story? 

He died of pancreatic cancer in 2016, and on his birthday that October, I officially incorporated Brittany Jean Photography in his memory. 

He left a legacy behind him of growth, support, and unconditional love. 

And in losing him, it made me think a lot about the legacy I want to leave behind. I want my legacy to be joyful and vibrant. I want to treat my clients to a loving, adoring experience on their wedding day. I want to help people feel beautiful just the way they are. I want to raise my son to be a good human, who lives by his values and always prioritizes connection over convenience. I want to create honest memories of people that will live on long after they’re gone. 

And can I please be there
to capture it?


About Brittany Jean

My love for photography started with my dad. 

That brings me to two questions I have for you, my friend:


"Brittany makes a point to really get to know her clients from the very first phone call. The level of comfort and familiarity we had with each other by the wedding day truly made all the difference!"

Kelli + John

"She offered amazing advice that really catered to us and our style and made sure we took care of ourselves on the day. Brittany is just a wonderful human and was so much fun to work with."

Alix + John

"Unlike so many other vendors, she doesn’t just do the bare minimum, she goes above and beyond, from the moment you meet her and throughout the entire wedding planning process. That’s just who she is. She is also incredibly patient and intuitive, and can work with just about any personality type (including any difficult family members!)."

Haley & Tom

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About the Brittany Jean Couple

You’re in the right place if…

You value an exceptional guest experience, and are designing your celebrations to treat your guests like the VIPs that they are. 

You’re hiring experienced professionals whose opinions you trust and rely upon. 

You think outside the box and are willing to ignore the wedding rulebook if a tradition doesn’t suit you.

You love having fun and want your wedding day to be centered around play.

You believe in quality over quantity, and that you get what you pay for.

That’s not hyperbole — I actually want to be friends with my clients.

want to be friends?

Because that’s the secret to an effortless wedding day & images that show your heart

I want to know how you really feel about having your photo taken, why your relationship with your grandma is so special, and what makes you laugh so hard you’ll start crying.

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